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Types of Microcontrollers - MCU

  • 8 bit Microcontrollers - MCUs

    PIC® and AVR® 8 bit microcontrollers allow developers of all skill levels to easily bring their ideas to life. The combination of easily customizable peripherals and the industry's most code-efficient architectures enable you to bring multiple functions to a single chip with minimal programming.

    1. Easiest entry point for MCU development 2. Architected for real-time control applications 3. Fully-compatible device family members allow increases in functionality without extensive redesigns

  • 16 bit Microcontrollers - MCUs

    PIC24 microcontrollers are ideal for applications which have outgrown the performance or memory capabilities of an 8 bit MCU and benefit from staying within a common ecosystem. Our dsPIC® digital signal controllers add DSP performance for time-critical control loops.

    1. Simplicity of an MCU with the performance of a DSP 2. Precision motor control with sensorless field-oriented control 3. Efficient digital power conversion with power factor correction 4. Robust functional safety for safety-critical applications

  • 32 bit Microcontrollers - MCUs

    Our 32 bit microcontrollers provide the performance and functional capabilities to meet design needs across a wide variety of applications.

    1. Low-power, high-performance MCUs to run multi-threaded applications 2. Hardware-based touch and graphics capabilities for HMI applications 3. Security capabilities include secure boot, secure firmware upgrade, hardware isolation, key protection and more 4. Highly-integrated connectivity: CAN-FD / CAN, Hi-Speed USB, Ethernet 5. Broad portfolio provides scalability to easily meet changing market requirements Microcontrollers - MCU

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